Benefits of Implementing Pre-employment Background Checks

May 2015
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Business owners face numerous challenges when it comes to human resource. With today’s global economy and mobile workforce, recruiting the right employees for the right job becomes very difficult. Businesses, whether large or small can no longer rely solely on candidate interviews to make a sound hiring decision. Pre-employment screening is a tool that allows companies to verify information such as education, prior job history and performance. In addition, the screening process reveals important information about future employee’s prior behavior which can help an employer assess potential risk posed by the candidate.

Better Candidates Lead to Better Employees

  • Companies who implement background checks often discourage some candidates from applying
  • Background checks ultimately force candidates to represent themselves honestly
  • Studies prove that 51% of all resumes contain inaccuracies in employment history, job performance and education
  • Drug testing quickly discourages drug users to apply for jobs with companies who implement drug testing

Reduction in Non-Violent Employee Misconduct

  • Background checks can reduce non-violent employee misconduct in the workplace
  • Non-violent employee misconduct can include theft of company property, fraud, drug possession or solicitation and identity theft or other confidential information abuse.
  • Non-violent acts can result in loss customers and company brand image destruction.

Reduction in Risk of Negligent Hiring Litigation

  • Negligent hiring is a legal theory under which employers are held responsible for injuries caused by their employees if the employer failed to take reasonable care in the employment selection process
  • An employer can reduce their risk of negligent hiring liability by implementing a reasonable and consistent background checking program as a part of their recruitment process.