Florida office to open in 6-10 weeks

February 2016
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Our company is currently in the beginning stages of expanding our investigative services to other parts of the country. Before the idea to expand our services to other markets, we were asked several times if we offered our services nationwide. Although there was client interest in expansion, we said no each time. Why? Before a business can expand its services to outside markets, it needs to become stable and mature in the home market first. Years of success and solid growth have resulted in a strong financial position. As a direct result, this allows us to make the most of our current situation by creating potential for continued expansion with focus on continuing to produce quality work for our clients. Before we expand into a new state, an assessment is made of the markets potential. Factors such as demographic structure, purchasing power, economic growth, infrastructure, political risk, human rights and environmental sustainability are analyzed. After doing our own diligence we have decided to start with Florida. With the rapid development of technology, our company's philosophy will remain the same. Our companies Head of Surveillance Operations Al Jr. just took and passed the Florida Private Investigators exam last week. Our agency application is currently in the Florida system pending review. We are estimating 6-10 weeks before we are up and running. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.